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Introducing REAP

(Real Estate Agency Profitability) 

Your virtual CFO dashboard

Today, more than ever before in history, it is important that you have full control of your business, both financial and non-financial measures to minimise loss, deliver growth and maximise your profit margins. 

REAP (Real Estate Agency Profitability) is your personalised dashboard that in one place brings together the essential data from multiple software applications that you use today. REAP consolidates, not only financial, property management and sales performance KPI’s, but most importantly clarifies and monitors which areas you can improve immediately across the business to drive greater profitability and business success

Your REAP dashboard will show you;

  • Profitability by division and overall

  • Where your business is performing well and opportunities to perform better

  • Divisional profitability

  • Agent productivity and profitability

  • PM productivity and Profitability

  • Lead indicators of growth

  • A full, continuous health check on your business

  • A rolling quarterly view of divisional performance, easily highlighting areas of concern

  • A complete picture of your business performance with key financial and non-financial drivers in one place immediately


 If you have multiple offices, we will provide you with a group view so  you can benchmark within  your group subsidiaries- individual and collective results.

We have videos and a blog to educate you and the team.


Your dash board at a glance

Your virtual CFO tool that creates simplicity and clarity, to ensure that you REAP what you sow.


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